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Official inauguration of the new Ferrata to Falconera, Saturday, June 25, 2016 CAUTION THE PATH AND falconera PARTUSACC ARE CURRENTLY CLOSED TO TRANSIT TO NEW COMMUNICATION

. Was 2010 when observing the bristling wall and colored Falconera, the kingdom of beautiful birds of prey, was born an idea and a dream. On it Varallo many mountaineers and mountain rescue are "made the nails", but no way was never completed for the type of rock to be inappropriate to nailing, more fitting instead to the realization of a climbing path. With guides of Alagna we analyzed the possibility and costs of its hypothetical implementation. But it was only when the municipalities of Civiasco Varallo and showed their enthusiasm in a similar project that became the motto: "you can do." Then came the regional call with potential funding and with it came the ideas, developed during the site inspections to Partasacc, name given by civiaschesi to those places inaccessible used as a hideout by partisans during World War II. The discovery of the "chasm of the three friends" in the valley of civiaschesi caves, the fantastic views of Varallo and Valsesia mountains, unique perspective on the structure of the "supervolcano" For the pleasure of those who seek strong emotions on all levels of preparation, training and type of interest, be it climbing, hiking, scientific or simply tourism, with an eye to also focus on people with disabilities. In addition to the many trails equipped routes are two: The strike of Partusacc a circular route between the top of the mountain Tovo and Falconera, a path suitable to prove himself, to test yourself on pegs and a long wire rope 130 mt. easy ferrata approach to the activity and the chance to see two caves. Technical difficulty 2 exposure 2 Physical requirements 2 Interest and scenic views 5 Approach: from Civiasco the path 636 min 40 -50, or the fraction of Piandellavalle Civiasco 636B in 30 min. Return: from ferrata you may fall in Civiasco for the same paths, get off at Varallo Sesia for the 636A path alp Falconera. The strike of the Falconera an athletic path of physical and technical effort 400 mt. rope to overcome even a few sheer drops and drive horizontal ledges. Technical difficulty 4 exposure 4 Physical requirements 4 Interest and scenic views 5 Approach: from Varallo Sesia Parking Casa Serena on path 651 for about 30 minutes until the base of the wall. Re: once at the tip to the mountain Tovo follow the path 636 - 636B - 636C for Civiasco - Varallo Sesia at will. N.B. the difficulties make reference to a scale of 1 to 5 On this page we publish the achievements of the accession of partecipazioneAvendo joined and participated in the P.A.R. - Development Fund and Cohesion 2007/2013 - Axis III "Territorial Development" - Linea d 'Action 2 - Sub-1 - Type 1: Infrastructure interventions of the regional network of footpaths and public information on mountain huts and hiking heritage. PROJECT: CONSTRUCTION OF RAILWAY TRACKS falconera AND ENHANCEMENT OF ACTIVITY 'TOURIST OUTDOOR. And 'ABSOLUTELY NO WAY AHEAD FERRATE WITHOUT THE HELP of proper EQUIPMENT.


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